Internet Marketing Certificate Course


Internet Marketing Certificate Course Training

This course is broken down into 3 full days and fully explains the theory and methods to building a website and providing the proper support from beginning to end. Within the course you will also be able to understand how to use all the important social media tools to help your business to make more money. The course has a wealth of information so come prepared to learn a lot. After completing this course most graduates have three options

1) Enhance their own businesses web presence using all the tools learned within this course
2) Begin a career within Internet Marketing (average salary – $60,000 – $80,000 Starting)
3) Start your own Internet Marketing Consulting Company

Regardless of what path you choose, you will have the ability to earn a competitive salary.

This course encompasses all three Master Programs


Affiliate Marketing

The Affliate Marketing Training program shows the theory and techniques that are needed to be successful within the Affiliate Marketing industry.  Individuals earn on average $500-$2000/month starting but with the right can earn upwards of $100,000.  This course will also cover YouTube marketing, which is one of the essentials for a successful Affiliate Marketing campaign.

What makes Affiliate Marketing such an attractive market is that it is based on performance.  If an individual does not want to put the time and effort than they would not reap the benefits.  This method is desired but companies for obvious reasons.

This section about Affiliate Marketing would provide you with enough knowledge to help you get started to a successful Affiliate Marketing campaign so that you are able to earn extra money on the Internet and at the same time be able to keep your day job.



Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing is perfect for small businesses since its not costly and it can reap high levels of traffic.  Designing an effective Facebook fan page is key for local businesses. Using tweets is another great way to promote businesses.  Master Social Media training provides the necessary training to be able to capitalize on these social platforms.  YouTube is also a great and efficient way for local businesses to help their company get off the ground.  There are specific methods that help optimize YouTube videos, which are all shared within the course.

The Social Media Marketing portion of this course will give you all the information you need to help optimize various popular social media platforms and help drive traffic to a website.


Search Engine Optimization

This portion of the course will describe the theories as well as techniques that are essential to help increase the search ranking for a website.  This course will also include up to date software training that is required to be able to optimize a website as well as how to develop an SEO friendly website.

SEO covers not only marketing but as well as the website’s technical backdrops, types of ads, optimized content and link distribution. Among the important lessons to master in basic SEO include:

-   Understanding current competition based on search engine algorithms

-   Website customization based on SEO-friendliness

-   SEO techniques to boost page rank, such as link-building, niche marketing, and sitemap fluidity

-   Identifying issues that cause websites to land on lower page rankings

Other Information and Material 
The Certification course also provides information on methods to convert traffic into sales using various Hypnotic Marketing Methods.
It also includes a section that describes how to design a professional video within 15 minutes
Designing a Website can be easily done using the latest CMS programs in today’s market.  The certification program teaches you how to design SEO proficient websites that would help you get on the first page of various Search Engines.