How to Market Your Website to Improve Web Presence?

You want the world to see your website. We want to help.

It is a challenge for you as a business owner to make sure that your website is highly visible to your clients and your prospective clients. You run a good business. You can provide the worlds best quality products or services but what good is it if you don’t know how to market your website. Because the hard truth is that you need to be found in order to do your business.

How to market your website to improve web presence?

There are literally trillions of pages on the internet and that number continues to grow everyday. Billions of searches are conducted on search engines like Google every month. The results of scientific research on how search engines are used is absolutely stunning. The top listing on the first page of Google are clicked on by more than 50% of searchers and the percentage decreases drastically as you continue down the page. Leaving only a teeny tiny amount of people who actually bother to look on page 2 of Google results.

Which page do you presently sit on Google? And how’s that working out for ya?

Bottom line: being on the first page matters and the higher you are, the better. This is why having your web presence be prominent matters.


Paid Online Advertising Experts

It is entirely possible that you and your business will not be satisfied just by having great positions in valuable search engine results. You may want to promote your company and increase your share of the market with paid advertising campaigns.

Although, you might pay a SEO company to get you higher Google rankings. That is still not considered paid advertising in the online world. Technically you are not paying for every click that you get from being on the first page of Google. Paid advertising is used when referring to paying per each click or a monthly advertisement fee. For example; placing a banner ad on another website.


Your Social Media Matters

Managing websites used to be simpler few years back but that’s because web presence and reputation was limited to only your web site. These days there is much more easier to keep track.  Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, and Yelp are only a handful of the social media outlets that you need to engage in and manage as part of a comprehensive approach to your business’s online presence.


Written by Sal

Sal is an Internet Marketing Trainer, Consultant and Strategist.