Tools of the Trade

Internet Marketing Tools of the Trade

By: Salman Siddiqee

Are you preparing to launch your business on the internet? Before doing so, you should make a routine check of the tools and techniques that you are going to use once you enter the battlefield of making money on the internet. Hence, here are some of the tools to help you get started and to remain on top of your game. These are what the experts use and what I use and recommend you to use. These will definitely be of great asset once your online business is working:

vbuzzer-logoVbuzzer is a VoIP service provider that allows you to concretize your communication lines with your clients. You can use this for direct contact through phone, fax, SMS and video streaming. Vbuzzer is available in different packages depending on your site’s communication needs, and it is most ideal to use if you already have your business established on the internet.

skype_logo_smallSkype meanwhile, if you are looking for a communication service that is more common to internet users, not to mention connect, then you’ll find your heart in Skype. It’s one of the most widely used messaging clients today, not to mention it has reliable calling and video streaming. Skype is readily available for download, but because of its casual tones it may not be suited for more professional business sites.


  Free Phone Line is another VoIP service that offers free long distance calls to various cities in Canada. It can be used on desktops, laptops as well as tablets and Android phones. However, it does cost charges when making calls to other countries.


market-samurai-logo  Market Samurai is one of the most functional keyword analysis tools you can use today. Optimizing your website with the right keywords is essential to increase your page rank popularity and exposure to target users, and you can achieve those goals with this tool.


Vistaprint allows you to customize your website by providing logos, icons, business cards, and other types of templates and layouts. Vistaprint proves to be useful especially when you want to make your site truly unforgettable to your target audiences.


namecheap-logoNamecheap, are you looking for a domain name to suit your business? Before you can ever set up your own website, you need a domain, and you can buy one or even a handful in Namecheap. Domains are offered in extremely low prices-Namecheap also accepts a wide variety of discount coupons to make your purchases even more affordable.


hostgator-logoHostgator is one of the top webhost providers today. If you’re looking for webhost packages that are functional and at the same time budget-friendly, then this is the place to go. Most of Hostgator’s packages are ideal for newbie website owners, as its cPanel interface is easy to use and complete with everything you need to build your site.


avg-logoAVG is not as much for your site as it is for your computer. Protection from viruses, worms and malware attacks, and that’s what AVG is for. AVG continues to be one of the most recommended virus scanners today, and it is capable of tracking down all the negative vibes that may infiltrate your site, and have them removed at the quickest possible time.


CamtasiaLogoCamtasia. If you want to share videos and demos on your website in a rather professional manner, then Camtasia would be of great use. Camtasia Studio 7 is a screen video capture software program that allows you to create your videos with synchronized audio and crisp graphics-you can even customize your videos to make them more appealing to your audiences.


jing-logoJing like Camtasia, is a screen video capture software tool, but it is more ideal for shorts, trailers and demos that do not require voiceovers. If you just want a quick slideshow of clips and images to describe your site within a few seconds, then this is the one to use.




tweetdeck-logo  TweetDeck. If you want to organize and synchronize your social media updates without checking each and every one of them, then you’d better use TweetDeck. It serves as your all-in-one console to log on to various social media networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+, etc. TweetDeck is available on mobile too.


microsoft lifechat headsetMicrosoft Life Chat 3000 USB Headset

Talking to your clients in a professional manner is always important to ensure high quality service in
your business, and the Microsoft Life Chat 3000 USB Headset can serve that purpose. You will be able to
hear your clients with minimal static and better sound quality-at the same time they get to listen to your
voice in a clear and crisp manner.