SEO Competition Analysis is key to First Page Google Ranking

Looking at the competition proves to be highly important in SEO. You have to know how other top companies in your niche are doing so you can plan accordingly on how to beat them for their spot. After all, SEO is the ultimate popularity contest, and you have to make

How to do Google keyword research for SEO

Using the Right Keywords for SEO and Internet Marketing is extremely important. Figuring out keywords you want to rank for is the most important task before you do anything else in Internet marketing. And despite the changes in Google algorithms and indexing procedures, keywords still hold high value in making

Top 10 Ways to Optimize YouTube Videos for SEO

Every video should be optimized before uploading to YouTube, since it is the second largest Search Engine in the world. Creating a YouTube video to promote your business online is one of the best ways in which you can boost your brand’s exposure and find new clients right on the